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CATS: Programs and Services

Clinical Services

CATS is working to address the ever increasing problem of providing compassionate care to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, child sexual abuse and witnesses to crime. CATS ensures that survivors/victims have access to the services they need in a warm and caring environment that respects their privacy. Specially trained nurse examiners conduct forensic interviews and forensic medical examinations for the purpose of gathering evidence for use by law enforcement in criminal prosecution. Examiners provide expert witness testimony in court. CATS educators provide police and other law enforcement personnel with state-of-the-art information about effective response to victimized children and adults, as well as evidentiary procedures.

Counseling & Referrals
Victims of domestic and sexual violence and child sexual abuse have special psycho-social needs. The legacy of violated trust has, without proper treatment, an incalculable personal and community impact. Through a collaboration with a local crisis counseling program, CATS provides on-site advocacy support, case management, counseling and referrals for victims and their family members.

Prevention & Outreach
CATS’ outreach component’s primary focus is on providing prevention education to professionals who work with children and are required by law to report any reasonable suspicion of child abuse. These professionals include child care providers, teachers, social workers, health care practitioners, law enforcement and recreation workers to name a few. CATS’ multi-media presentation includes a power point presentation, a video, and an on-line computer-based training on reporting child abuse.

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